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Thursday, October 04, 2007


scott r holes

hi ken

i have something i would like to know and i bet this great country might want to know! my future wifes works for a flower place and as normal woman they gap! well she brang some news i just need to share! not sure if this is true or not! but oboma does not talk about it! he says his mother was a free spirt but does not tell people that his father was a muslum and he him self his a muslum! i would like to know if the usa today can look into this ?? i'm not to fond of muslums sense 9/11 and i wish someone in the press would shed some light onto this rumor?? i like the usa today i worked on it for little over a year in your bridgewater office! i'm the one they first trained on your online labler machine! if anything for a ex employee of ganett !!! thank you!!

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